Lucas Donat

For more than two decades Lucas has helped positive change companies change the world.

As founding CEO of Tiny rebellion (formerly dw+h), it is his unique ability to fully immerse himself at the epicenter of a brand that has paved the road for many of his clients to shift the paradigm of their industry. From changing the way people access legal services through LegalZoom, to helping Hotwire rise from #7 in the online category to #3, to ushering in transparency to automotive with TrueCar, Lucas has a proven knack for helping sea-change companies change the world. He is also credited as the primary architect behind the advertising success of eHarmony, building the brand for over ten years from a fledgling company to one that has transformed how people meet, fall in love and marry.

Strategy>Shift: Talking Sexy Susty: A Roundtable

I believe that sustainable products should be considered as the first option when developing any new form of technology. Even though sustainable products have all these great benefits, many companies are still asking the question: where’s the sex appeal. In order to find the answer for this, Thinkshift Communications asked me to join a roundtable discussion about how to make sustainable products more appealing to other businesses and consumers. I am joined by Gary Barker, CEO of Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions, Nathan Shedroff, Chair of the California College of the Arts MBA in Design Strategy, and Sandra Stewart, Principal of Thinkshift Communications.


How millennials will save the world–one text at a time

I was recently asked to present at a think tank of old brilliant guys. Yes, guys. Not one woman. If that predisposes you to not like them, that’s okay. Read on.


Small Agency of the Year, Gold

Committing to a purpose means sometimes having to say “no.” For Tiny Rebellion, a 42-person agency dedicated to pushing positive change, it means saying “no” a lot.


Turning Office Gloom on its Head

Two years ago Lucas Donat decided he needed to root out the unhappy people from Tiny Rebellion, his ad agency. The negative Neds and Debbie downers simply had to go.


Adweek Portrait

Lucas Donat, founder, CEO and CCO of Tiny Rebellion, makes it his mission to effect positive change through business. His agency works exclusively with companies that prove that doing good can be profitable too.


Donat's Garden

A tour of my backyard garden.


The Big Give

At dw+h, we decided o change up how we did our holiday party. We called it 'The Big Give'.


The True Meaning of Aloha

We sent 2 creatives to Hawaii (not a bad gig, right?) to chat with the locals and find out the authentic meaning of Aloha. Not the Hello/Goodbye, surface level answer. We wanted the locals take on this. What Robby & Adam found (The lucky creatives that were sent) was WAY more than we asked for. They found, Aka. I could never paraphrase this well enough, so I'll let her do the talking.


Tiny Rebellion

Revolutionary movements made throughout history generally start with one intrepid, seemingly small act. Rosa Parks ignited a civil rights movement with a simple, “No.” The Unknown Protester stopped a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square with a bag of groceries in hand. Twitter helped overthrow a powerful dictatorship and launch the Arab Spring. And, as Carl Sagan observed, even the biggest, most profoundly important revolutions—all the wars fought, love stories told, and lives lived—have all happened on a tiny, blue spec of dust we call earth from the perspective of our galaxy. We are so vast, so powerful, so capable of anything. And yet, it is important to remember, quite tiny as well.


Good Company: Jeff Dunn CEO of Bolthouse Farms

There’s a certain liberty that comes from having enough money to know your family is going to be OK. And perhaps you can afford even more daring when you know they’ll be more than OK, no matter how many people you piss off on your way to doing the right thing. Jeff Dunn knows a few things about that. He did well at Coca Cola as the head of North and South America. But at some point in his midlife, he realized that doing well wasn’t enough, particularly when doing well is at the expense of fellow humans.


Good Company: Steve Bock CEO of Shinola

I was sitting with my car friends the other day at lunch. They had just returned from the Detroit Auto Show. Being dyed-in-the-wool car guys, they know Detroit well. I asked them how the resurgence of the town was going. “What resurgence? Detroit is bankrupt.” I was interested in this subject because after my conversation with Steve Bock, the CEO of Shinola, one of America’s most interesting emerging brands, I heard quite a different version of what is happening in Detroit.


Renaming Exercise

We decided we wanted the name of our company to reflect what we stand for. We partnered up with V&S for an adventure in crowdsourcing. This was our invitation video.


The Day the Juice Won

My business partner, Amir Haque, wanted to treat everyone at dw+h one morning with fresh juice. I mean really, really fresh. The reaction was, to say the least, not what he was hoping for. I loved it! Others... Well, you'll have to watch the video.


Kings of Love

I always thought I knew about the civil rights movement, about passive resistance, and the power of love to conquer all.

But, after last night, I realized that knowing about it and living it are two very different things.

If you haven’t taken in the film Freedom Riders, I urge you to do so as quickly as possible. It is incredibly painful to experience, but it will inspire beyond your wildest imaginings.


Yes on 37

We made a series of videos to for 'Yes on 37', the ballot initiative that would require food companies to label when GMO's are used.


It Started With A Dinner...

The passage of Proposition 37 seems like a no brainer. The vast majority of Americans – whether Democrat or Republican – want GMO products labeled.

Just last month, 65% of Californians favored legislation that would require labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Then, something astonishing happened. Monsanto, Dupont, and a cadre of other biotech and big food companies launched a multi-million dollar ad blitz against Proposition 37.

And guess what? It worked. I’ve been in advertising for over 20 years and I still marvel at its power to persuade.


"I have a vision for a world where business is the most powerful force for positive change."

- Lucas Donat