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Thanks for visiting. That picture up there, the one of the tent up on a mountain in the San Juan Islands, was 53 years in the making. It’s always been my dream to live on a mountain overlooking a vast and transporting expanse. That picture lives in me as I sit here writing in my Santa Monica office. It has become a symbol to me of what is possible. Through perseverance, and mostly to the credit of my wife, we recently purchased that land and the tent that is the only human shelter on it. Yes, it took us time to get there, but time is a teacher. And what I have come to learn is that anything is possible. In my 20+ years running an agency I have born witness as visionary entrepreneurs fabricated businesses from impossible ideas into businesses that changed the way we do things. eHarmony changed how we find love. LegalZoom democratized legal services. Hotwire revolutionized online travel. TrueCar brought transparency into automotive retail. All started with a vision. Like the tent on the mountain that took me 53 years to realize, I have witnessed time and time again, that anything is possible, even the impossible.




A celebration of business people that have proven anything is possible in their respective fields. They are, to a person, incredibly fascinating, passionate, and extra strength humans in every way. At my age it’s never pretty to admit that you are a groupie, but I have to come clean. I love visionary CEO's. This is my fan page.

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The longer I live the more I feel interconnected with the brands I have served. This struck me the other day when I was in a pitch meeting with one of the biggest banks in America. They had a collection of original Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup canvases in their waiting room. The night before I had dinner with a former client that is the CMO of a Campbell’s company. In my wallet is a AAA card. I pass Sam’s Club when I head north. My step father is a USAA member. Many dear friends met their spouses on eHarmony. I book my rental cars on Hotwire. I have a trademark registered through LegalZoom. I bought my wife’s car using TrueCar. All brands I have served. What follows is a sampling of the work done for these great brands.

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