Bolthouse Farms

It’s not often that you run into people that just feel like kindred spirits.

If I were smarter, able to play at the White House level, work for huge multi national companies and still have a heart of gold I would be Jeff Dunn, Todd Puttman, or Suzanne Ginestro. The CEO, President, and CMO respectively, they run Bolthouse Farms. We share a similar passion: to change the way people think about food. Bolthouse has a head start on me. They grow almost half of all the carrots consumed in North America. They are also the largest premium juice company and have a line of organic products under their 1915 brand.

I started working with them when they awarded us their wonderful brand as AOR. We helped them spiff up their already great positioning. Crispen had done wonderful work for them. It was a joy working with the Bolthouse crew. The work was very passionate. I schlepped Suzanne and Jeff down to South Los Angeles to talk with Ron Finley about food deserts. We were flanked by his incendiary sidewalk garden and he and Jeff got on like clams. I spoke at a conference with Jeff. It was a blast to share the stage with him. We launched a take over of the San Francisco market. We did a ton of very cool work for them over our engagement, from Vine videos to Out of Home. But the greatest expression of their rebel spirit was the Food Porn Index. It is a living measurement of the health of the food conversation on the Internet. It was daring, arresting, and a testament to the rebel spirit of the Bolthouse brand.

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