This brand changed a lot of lives including mine.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s vision for helping singles find healthy, enduring long term relationships by matching on broad-based compatibility fundamentally influenced how we find love in the modern age. Over a ten year period we helped eHarmony rise from a start up to become the most trusted brand in the category. By the time we parted ways, 5% of US marriages started on eHarmony. And most importantly to the founders and to me, those marriages are healthier, happier marriages, with a 50% lower divorce rate.

During that time I had the privilege of directing scores of happy eHarmony couples for the commercials we made. At first it was hard to find them because eHarmony was still so small. In the tenth year, we literally had thousands of submissions for our commercials. Many of the couples would be holding up their beautiful, laughing children. Children that were growing up in happy households with loving parents. I know that’s what Neil always wanted. It felt pretty amazing to be part of that. It also showed me the powerful role advertising could play in helping to shape lives. That was game changing for me.

Our most recent work for eHarmony was with the acclaimed director, Errol Morris. You can view highlights from our work with Errol here